Band: Cobretti

Name:CobrettiLocation:Köln-Mühlheim, GermanyGenre:Hardcore


Beule - Drums
Sven - Guitar
Fischer - Bass
Alex - Guitar
Carsten - Vocals


It is well known that hardcore and punk are both musical and liberating institutions in todays independent music scene and still carry the spirit of the youth. From the beginning Cobretti wanted to be part of that. Looking back now, we have reached some precious things. We recorded the bands.. demo in 2003 after just a few rehearsals. After that, Good Boys Records published our debut full-length, which we recorded in 2005. We played tons of shows (100 + ), toured the heart of Europe several times (next tours are already confirmed) and what is most important, found love on different grounds. Friendship had and will always have a big influence on our doings. We probably met the nicest people around during that period. What..s hot in 2008 ? glad that the guys of Respond with Passion Records like our latest recordings and decided to deliver it to the people. This is the bands ultimate heart-work. Expect fast and angry hardcore with a well dosed punk attitude. While reading this, you can be sure that the wheels are burning again to travel the road.

Alben von Cobretti @FetzOrDie