Band: Common Enemy

Name:Common EnemyLocation:Reading, Pennsylvania, United StatesGenre:Hardcore


Gary Critical Vocals
Greg Disorder Bass/Backing Vocals
Justin Enemy Guitar/Backing Vocals
Tank Drums


Common Enemy comes straight out of Reading, Pennsylvania. Bringing you songs about skateboarding, horror movies, everyday life, and personal politics.

In 1998 the band was formed, under a different name and with various lineup changes. In 2000 the name was changed to Common Enemy and with this lineup recorded "Outsiders".

In 2003 when Sonic and Greg Disorder joined the band, Common Enemy was truely born. Right away a tight bond was formed and everyone became more serious about playing out and having fun! With this lineup Common Enemy recorded the "Late Night Skate" CD, "Let's Have Fun!" 7 EP, Eyes of Hate / Common Enemy "Circle Pit Split" 7, The Twats vs. Common Enemy "One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall" split 7" and have tracks on various compilations nationally and internationally. This lineup was also responsible for an East Coast / Midwest tour, a Midwest tour, a European tour, and too many extensive short / weekend tour stretches in the Northeast, Mid Atlantic, and Eastern Midwest to mention.

In April 2006 Sonic left the band to pursue education in Recording Arts in FL. In his place, longtime friend Mikey stepped in to take over on vocals. With Mikey, Common Enemy recorded another full length CD entitled "T.U.I.", and also has tracks on various compilations as well. This lineup is also responsible for a Southern U.S. tour, planning on a second European tour this May 2007, and more non-stop, unrelenting and extensive short / weekend tour schedules.

In 2007 Mikey decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Sonic had just returned home from school and filled in for 2nd European tour. He also recorded some songs for Common Enemy / L.E.A.R.N. "Till Death" split 7".

The band is best known for their in your face music style and in July of 2007 tryouts for a new singer began. With amazing luck, they came across Gary who fit the role perfectly. With Gary taking the helm, they have recorded "Common Enemy vs. Everybody's Enemy" CD (released in Japan), one 4 way split CD released in Europe, and various compilations nationally and internationally! Playing whenever possible, writing a new full length CD, and getting ready for their 3rd invasion of Europe in Sept 2008, this band kicks you in your teeth!