Band: Detournement

Name:DetournementLocation:New Jersey, United StatesGenre:Punk


Zak Kaplan - Vocals
Dan Desimoni - Bass
Tom Petta - Guitar
Nate Gluck - Guitar
Scott Golley - Drums


The first visible consequences of a widespread use of DETOURNEMENT, apart from its intrinsic propaganda powers, will be the revival of a multitude of bad books, and thus the extensive (unintended) participation of their unknown authors; an increasingly extensive transformation of sentences or plastic works that happen to be in fashion; and above all an ease of production far surpassing in quantity, variety and quality the automatic writing that has bored us so much.

DETOURNEMENT not only leads to the discovery of new aspects of talent; in addition, clashing head-on with all social and legal conventions, it cannot fail to be a powerful cultural weapon in the service of a real class struggle. The cheapness of its products is the heavy artillery that breaks through all the Chinese walls of understanding. It is a real means of proletarian artistic education, the first step toward a literary communism.

In itself, the theory of DETOURNEMENT scarcely interests us. But we find it linked to almost all the constructive aspects of this period of transition. Thus its enrichment, through practice, seems necessary.

We will postpone the development of this thesis until later.