Band: End Is Forever

Name:End Is ForeverLocation:Bückeburg, GermanyGenre:Metalcore


Kristina - Guitar
Sebastian - Guitar/Vocals
Benjamin - Drums
Tobias - Bass
Janina - Vocals


[hardcoremetalmosh from bückeburg & hannover | germany]

The three boys and two girls in the finally perfect and harmonious lineup of EI43 have now been fighting in the German Hardcore scene with their HardcoreMetalMosh since the summer of 2005. Originally the band had been founded by Sebastian (voice/guitar) and Kristina (guitar) as a melodic Oldschool Hardcore band in 2003. Yet with all the line-up changes in the following years, the sound changed, evolved, grew, became more sophisticated and furious.

Inspite of the more Thrash and Death Metal influences that are undeniably audible in the songs, the Punk and Hardcore roots are still ever-present, and in mixing all those notions and sounds together EI43 is creating a firework of heavy music with mosh, chaos, breakdowns, singalongs, and more. What makes EI43 stand out of the mass of Hardcore bands are the bilingual lyrics (English and German) that are shoutet, growled, spoken, grunted, and screamed by Janina and Sebastian. EI43 set value on their lyrics’ meaning and their statement; they are trying to shed a light on the grievances of the world and society, the everlasting agonies of the world caused by wars, the abuse of environment and animals – EI43 tries to make the kids think and act! Unfortunately the Hardcore scene nowadays has become more of a fashion show than a ground for setting off actions to change the calamities of the world – the bands with real message have become rare. It is time for people to stop being ignorant about what is going on in the world, and realize that THIS is the real life and not what you see on TV all day long; it is time for them to realize that Hardcore, Metalcore, Punk should be about the togetherness and the respect for others, and not about who is the the most stylish and whose kick-pit-fighting looks the toughest.

Wake up and fight! Hardcore is more than just a fucking fashion show!

In May 2k6 the band recorded 5 tracks for the "Fear The Elements" 4 Way Split CD at Tank Records (Maintain, Hard Resistance, Sick Of It All, Miozän, Rykers, Sanitys Dawn, Yacoepsae, Adjudgement, uva.) in Wunstorf with Marc Dörge producing it. The fifteen minutes of EI43 are a diversified storm of music that is supposed to bring Hardcore and Metal kids together.

A liveshow of the 5-piece-band is always a sweat-dripping, mind-ripping, snippet-raining experience that you should not miss. And the action does not only take place on stage, but EI43 members seem to be everywhere – on stage, in front of the stage, over people’s heads being carried around crowd-surfing.

For their last demo CD "Modern Life A Tragedy" they received laud and good reviews by many online magazines. EI43 was compared with bands like MORNING AGAIN, NARZISS, WALLS OF JERICHO, LOXIRAN and (old!) CALIBAN.

So far EI43 has shared the stage and floors with bands such as Born From Pain (nl), Narziss, As We Fight (dk), The Setup (be), First Blood (us), Mörser, Instil (nl), Verify (be), Hearts Alive (swe), Forever Falling (gb), Greyline (nl), A Traitor Like Judas, Adjudgement, Full Speed Ahead, Woof, Kju, Ransom, Distance In Embrace, and many more.

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