Band: Millencolin

Name:MillencolinLocation:Örebro, SwedenGenre:PopPunk


Nikola Sarcevic - Vocals/Bass
Mathias Färm - Guitar
Fredrik Larzon - Drums
Erik Ohlsson - Guitar


While upholding the classic Millencolin sound, they chose to diversify, evolve and progress on the new album. The explosive punk rock tunes, altered with explosive, distinct and irresistible melodies on Machine 15 are putting MILLENCOLIN’S quality meter on all time high. “I think it’s great. It’s different from what we’ve done before and we’re stoked,” guitarist Mathias Färm enthuses. A perfect example of this willingness to try new approaches is the first single Detox – “Ripe with harmony vocals, an infectious melody that gives nods to both the Beatles and the Beach Boys, and seven chord changes”, Erik Ohlsson explains.

For Machine 15, Millencolin re-teamed with producer Lou Giordano (Sugar, Taking Back Sunday, Plain White T’s, The Ataris, Sunny Day Real Estate), who previously worked with the foursome on 2003’s Home From Home. “We wanted the kind of crisp sound that Lou is notorious for. Plus we have a great chemistry with him,” guitarist Erik Ohlsson adds.

Mixed in Berlin by Michael Ilbert, who lent his skills to records by the likes of The Hives and Roxette, Machine 15 achieves an ultimate level of allure and power. “This time, especially, it feels like we have something extraordinary to present,” vocalist Nikola Sarcevic adds.

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