Band: Rentokill

Name:RentokillLocation:Wiener Neustadt, AustriaGenre:Punkrock


Lux - Guitar/Backvox
Jack - Vox/1.guitar
Walter - Bass
Bertl - Drums/Backvox


RENTOKILL is a punkrock- band from the eastern austrian scene.

a punkrockband in the 21st century? what is the scene?

it's easy - the scene is you, passionate people who love music, go to shows, buy and distribute records, question the establishment and the way of consumption in this so-called modern western world. we see this band as our chance to express our own (individual) freedom. as being alternative has become a sellout itself, there's a new level of political punkrock content. there has to be!

it is not about
being bigger, faster or somewhat better than anyone.

it is not about
competing, dressing stylishly or waving flags.

it is about
the content of the mind and the heart, not only ours, but of everybody believing in true alternative music, setting up shows, providing food and places to sleep, yet keeping this spirit as DIY as it always had to be!

this is an animal-friendly, anti-racist, anti-sexist, movement to deny human nature.

we will go down, but we can still decide how!

this is for everyone!

we put love, passion and anger into our music.

are you with us?

Alben von Rentokill @FetzOrDie