Band: Sharks

Name:SharksLocation:United KingdonGenre:Punkrock


Vocals / Guitar – James Mattock
Guitar – Andy Bayliss
Bass – Chris O`Reilly
Drums – Samuel Lister


After their free and much acclaimed debut self release, the “Shallow Waters” EP, midlands 4 pieces SHARKS are finally set to release their full on debut EP “Show Of Hands”. We`ll be releasing the vinyl, while “Best Before Records” will be handling the CD version of this awesome EP. Born and raised in Royal Leamington Spa, Midlands UK, SHARKS are a British rock`n`roll group with absolute heart, that embellish their hardcore D.I.Y ethics with raw power of the soul. we`re proud to welcome them to “the family”.

Their musical influences may range from the Buzzcocks, The Clash, Nick Cave, Joy Division, Husker Du, Black Flag and many more, BUT they have set out to sound like themselbes and themselves only, with an appreciation of the things that influence them daily in their lives, wether it be musical or not. No cheap imitations, just honest emotion. SHARKS are merely a band that speak their mind, keeping to their roots and emotions as honest as they can, never trying to compromise the reality of who they are for the short way round.

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