Band: SNFU

Name:SNFULocation:Vancouver, British Columbia Canada Genre:Punk


Mr. Chi Pig
Marc Belke
Matt Warhurst
Shane Smith


SNFU, one of the longest running, most popular Canadian punk rock acts, called it quits for good in 2005. Between 1982 and 2005, the band played thousands of shows around the world, and recorded eight albums for some of punk rock's most influential labels. And during that time, SNFU witnessed punk rock transform itself from a reactive, extreme counterculture, into a G-rated commodity. But now, sadly, the members of SNFU are all pursuing other projects. Mr. Chi Pig is playing shows as "AsSnfu" - which are sometimes 'accidentally' advertised as SNFU shows. However, Chi's band features no other original members. Marc "Muc" Belke working in radio broadcasting, and has relocated to Smithers, BC. Other brother Brent "Bunt" Belke is busy with film /tv soundtrack work. Buy Snfu on ITunes!!