Band: Steakknife

Name:SteakknifeLocation:Saarbrücken, GermanyGenre:Punkrock


Lee Hollis - Vocals
L. Demon - Guitar/Vocals
Lorenzo STiletti - Drums
Marc André LeMieps - Guitar/Vocals/Programming
Hell G. - Bass/Vocals


It all began as "Ankry Simons" back in 1989. With their first record though, they changed to "STEAKKNIFE". 17 years later, they still rule over the german punkrock scene, managing to maintain their ideals, their verve and fun. Especially on stage, STEAKKNIFE are as fresh and powerful as in those early days. Always focused on what they can best: Punkrock! This is no copy, STEAKKNIFE are genuine enough. It's all about style, attitude but also posing at its best. And in the middle of it all: Lee Hollis. One of the very few nice texans. A man, who never got forgotten despite never having been on any talkshow. Known as a charismatic bandleader (also in the legendary Spermbirds and 2Bad), a gifted column writer, author or spoken-word-performer, Lee Hollis knows how to feed his reputation. In the year 2000 STEAKKNIFE released their 3rd album "Plugged Into The Amp Of God" on NOIS-O-LUTION. Followed by a few singles, compilations and endless touring. Their second Nois-O-Lution release "stuff 1991-2004" is a collection of their hits, b-sides and rare stuff. A bigbang from the beginning of the band history to present. The current album is called "Parallel universe of the dead" and was released on ROOKIE RECORDS in march 2007.

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