Band: Useless ID

Name:Useless IDLocation:IsraelGenre:PopPunk


Yotam Ben Horin - Vocals/Bass
Ishay Berger - Guitar
Guy Carmel - Guitar
Yonatan Harpak - Drums


We started the band over 10 years ago in Haifa, Israel, and played our first show in a small town near tel aviv in january,1995.
We released our first 7' record "room of anger" in 96',and got on a plane over to california to play a show in gilman street.
Somehow we ended up playing over 50 shows all over the west coast and since then we've been busy with touring, recording, putting out records and offcourse, drinking.

We started our own label and named it after our favorite food:"Falafel records" and later released 2 useless id albums on it.
Our good friends The Ataris liked our second self released album so much that they got their (then) record label "Kung Fu Records" to release it as a split record with The Ataris and that helped getting us signed to Kung Fu as well, and so far we have 3 records (of our own) out on Kung Fu records.

After releasing our last album for Kung Fu in 2005 (Redemption) we spent a lot of our time on the road and after that, we got busy working on the tunes for our next album .
it the mean time we released our first ever DVD (2006)

in Jan-Feb 2008 we entered the awesome blasting Room studios again with bill stevenson, (drummer for the Descendents, all, only crime and this other group called Black Flag),and Jason Livermore with the intention of creating the best useless id album we could possibly produce.
The result - our new album, "The Lost Broken Bones" is defiantly the one that we feel is our strongest and most enjoyable/dynamic album.
it shows many new sides of our long time musical experience and covers a lot of the more serious issues we ever dealt and had to deal with as a band and individuals.

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