Hier habt Ihr die Möglichkeit einen Überblick über alles das zu bekommen, was sich bei FetzOrDie so verändert hat.
Zusätzlich, als Sahnehäubchen: Auch das was noch auf euch zu kommt, könnt Ihr hier entnehmen.

[ 12.12.2008 - Update Version 5.3 ]

[NEW] myFOD - first beta version for testing

[NEW] survey function for public lotteries and questions

[NEW] user profiles (beta, only adminprofiles)

[ADDED] author profile crosslinks

[CHANGED] search function by search-id

[CHANGED] top 5 bullets cast by last 2 month (no cold posts)

[INFO] changelog structure updated

[INFO] disclaimer updated due to surveys and myFOD

[ 20.11.2008 - Update Version 5.2 ]

[NEW] quick navigation in footer to expand breadcrum

[ADDED] picture galleries w/ lightbox

[CHANGED] linked logo to home

[ 09.11.2008 - Update Version 5.1 ]

[NEW] changelog of past and next features

[NEW] all available discs referring to a specified label

[ADDED] RSS Feeds (News Artikel, CD Reviews, Live Reviews)

[ADDED] crosslinks from disc (label, genre, band)

[ADDED] crosslinks from band (genre, discs@fetzordie, myspace)

[ADDED] crosslinks from cd-reviews (band, label)

[ADDED] user ratings for cd-reviews

[ADDED] double optin newsletter subscription with activation email (as link)

[CHANGED] archive structures

[CHANGED] breadcrum navigation (rev. 2)

[CHANGED] lightbox

[CHANGED] bandsite urls are automatically ported from bandprofiles to linklist

[CHANGED] corrected shortening of "hot links" in navigationbar

[INFO] advanced spam detection

[INFO] general design updates

[ 09.11.2008 - Relaunch Version 5.0 ]

[NEW] Courier Hottopic

[NEW] Courier Overview

[NEW] Quickaccess

[NEW] Overview

[NEW] Discs

[NEW] Bands

[NEW] Courier

[NEW] Courier: Archive

[NEW] CD Reviews

[NEW] CD Reviews: Comments

[NEW] CD Reviews: Archive

[NEW] Live Reviews

[NEW] Live Reviews: Comments

[NEW] Live Reviews: Archive

[NEW] Guestbook

[NEW] Links


[ADDED] Statistics

[ADDED] Promotion

[ADDED] Disclaimer

[ADDED] Impressum

[ADDED] Main Contact Page

[ADDED] search (results)

[ADDED] newsletter subscription