Neues Bigwig-Album in Vorbereitung

Jum Start Records haben auf ihrer Homepage verlauten lassen, dass es schon bald ein neues Bigwig-Album geben wird.

Hier der original Wortlaut von der Homepage:

"BIGWIG. Yes, I said BIGWIG. Yes, that BIGWIG. Yes, the band from New Jersey that your older brother probably saw a thousand times in high school. Yes, the band that seems to find and lose members more than a traveling circus. Yes, there will be a new release in 2009 from BIGWIG. And finally, yes, I'll probably be eating my words about this project come January 2010. Here's to wishful thinking. But, in all seriousness, I have been talking to Tom from BIGWIG for sometime about doing this project and I think we're finally all on board and ready to move forward. The band plans to record in early 2009 for a brand new seven inch and digital EP with most of the tracking being done at Tom's home studio in South Jersey. "Who's in the band now, you ask?" I don't know. Your best bet is to ask Tom. Regardless of who's in the band, there will be a new BIGWIG release coming out soon, and it will be on Jump Start."

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Gebt euren Senf dazu!

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