THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM wechseln zu Mercury Records

THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM wechseln zu Mercury Records, hier die Meldung im Wortlaut:

We're pleased to announce that we have just signed with Mercury Records (that's Mercury/Island-Def Jam Records for North America and Mercury Records UK for the rest of the world). We have had a great run with the folks at Side One Dummy Records, they have been really terrific to work with, and they will always be our dear friends. We in the band felt that this was the best time to make a move to support our goals as a band, and we've met some really earnest and dedicated folks at Mercury US and UK. We're hard at work writing songs now for what we feel is going to be the best record we've ever made! Thanks to everyone for your support and we look forward to seeing you in 2012!

The Gaslight Anthem

Und auch wenn wir die Herren gerade etwas eingeschränkter mögen als sonst, weil Brian Fallon ja ziemlich dumme Sachen in Interviews verzapft hat - alles Gute!

Via Sideonedummy soll übrigens vorher noch eine 'iTunes Sessions'-EP erscheinen. Man ist gespannt.

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