Album:An Internship In OptimismBand:Pull A Star TripRelease:01.01.2007Genre:Acoustic-ScreamoFormat:CD AlbumLabel:Revelation Records


  1. For Me To Know And You To Find Out
  2. Seduction Of The Inevitable
  3. Do You Really Want To Add Ten Pictures And Phrases As A Friend?
  4. You´re The Reason I Came To Hate Chile
  5. Minneapolis
  6. Starving -
  7. Filosofia de Recuerdos
  8. Yellow Birds Are Flying Faster
  9. Forget The Match...Now It´s A Lighter Bought in Vain
  10. Serensipity vs. Jonathan, Sarah, Noah & Ally
  11. How To Inflame A Match
  12. The Residue Of Tenderness

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