Album:Fire This TimeBand:Deny EverythingRelease:11.06.2007Genre:HardcoreFormat:CD AlbumLabel:Yo Yo Records


  1. Turn The T.V. Off And Read A Book, Please
  2. Patrioism Is So 19th Century...
  3. If There Was A God, Wouldn't He Make People Like You Just Shut The Fuck Up
  4. Apparently It's Still Just Boys' Fun
  5. Heterosexism Suck And So Do You
  6. Conservative Punks Fuck Off
  7. Suprise, Suprise
  8. Get In The Volvo
  9. The Minor Threat Principle
  10. The Dialectics Of Partying Really Hard
  11. No Matter Where We Go
  12. Punk = Short
  13. Do You See Anyone Laughing?
  14. A Minor Disagreement
  15. A Love With Life, Unpleased With The Present State Of Things

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